Our Services


We offer electrical services in all scopes of the trade including new homes builds from the ground up, home renovations and commercial construction projects!

Past experience has seen our crew work on light commercial applications such as restaurants, all the way up to major construction projects.


Fire Alarm

Whether you just need a could of extra smoke detectors installed in your house, or you require a much larger intelligent fire alarm for a commercial facility, we've got the knowledge and experience to get it done properly! One of our electricians even enjoys the claim-to-fame that he was on the first installation team for one of the biggest and most complex fire alarms in the entire province of Saskatchewan! There truly is no fire alarm project that we can't handle.



We are trained and experienced in many aspects of the networking field. We can offer products compatible with network-over-copper or fibre optics. We can offer networking for environments such as offices and schools, and, of course, your home!


Custom Audio/Video

Don't hire an electrician to install your sound system. Seriously, just don't! You might be wondering why a company that offers electrical contracting would make such a statement. Quite simply, it is a mis-conception that just because audio and video systems require wires, that an electrician must be the right person for the job. Wrong! Designing, installing and tweaking a great sound system takes years of experience working within the audio industry. We have that experience and more! We can give you the best audio system to suit your needs, designed and installed by someone who has a true passion for what good quality sound truly is… all while ensuring the installation still meets current electrical code standards. (Yes, even those low-voltage speaker wires have rules and regulations that need to be followed!)